1) Diagnostic

We preform a diagnostic on the existing roof to determine what steps need to be taken to extend the life of your roof

2) Consultation

We meet with you to outline existing roof damages, and how they can be fixed.

3) Develop a Plan

We develop a site-specific plan for your roof. Where are the points of failure? We identify those, then fix them. (See 7 points of Failure). 

4) Reports

We'll give your reports of the progress on the roof. Where has material been applied and when? How long did it take? We answer these questions and more in detailed field reports. 

5) Ongoing Inspections

This is an ongoing process where we take frequent visits to the job site to ensure quality control. 

6) Final Consultation

The job is completed, and we ensure that the roof is up to snuff. The job has been cleaned up, we report with you the final results of your new roofing patches and project how long your roof has left. 


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