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Work Examples

College Station High School

  • 250,000 sqft
  • Saved $2.8 million by installing the PremiumCoat® System instead of a traditional roof.
  • No tear offs
  • Installed while school was in session
  • No new insulation required
  • No lifting of AC units
  • No raising of drains

In addition to installation savings, the school’s highly reflective white roof substantially reduces the amount of energy required to cool the building.

Tomball High School

$2 Million Savings with an original budget of $4.1 million dollars, Hydro-Stop cut Tomball High School’s roofing installation cost in half.

Labor and material costs were significantly less than traditional roofing systems.

No tear-offs were required as the PremiumCoat® Roof System is designed for application over various existing substrates.

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