We are a Certified Maintenance Professional

As a CMP, I am certified for your protection.

We joined a program developed by GAF, North America's largest roofing manufacturer, that certifies us as maintenance professionals. To qualify, we've committed to GAF'S rigorous inspection protocol using GAF'S exclusive maintenance educational program. 

As Certified Maintenance Professionals (CMPs), we've had years of roofing experience. We know what to look for and how a little preventative care can avoid major expenses down the road-- when you least expect it. Unplanned maintenance can cause service disruptions that can distract you from your business.

Roofing professionals agree that a preventative maintenance program can reduce or eliminate problems related to common causes of roof deterioration.

As Certified Maintenance Professionals, we will perform (or arrange for) the following vital services for your roof:

  • Perform yearly inspections
  • Communicate roof maintenance needs to you
  • Make maintenance-related repairs as necessary
  • Provide documentation to you (and GAF) that needed repairs have been made



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