We Can Offer GAF’s WellRoof® Guarantee Extension... Available Only Through GAF CMPs

Every reputable roofing, architectural, and  construction organization agrees: The best way to extend the life of your roof is to perform regular inspections and maintenance.

GAF is so committed to helping you ensure  the  long-term performance of your roof (and maintain your guarantee coverage) that they’ve put together the WellRoof®  Guarantee Extension, which is designed to reward you for establishing an  annual inspection and preventative maintenance program with a CMP.

Your participation won’t just help you meet the maintenance requirements of your GAF Diamond Pledge™ NDL Roof Guarantee;* GAF  will  also extend the length of your coverage  by 25%—with no additional guarantee fee!

Your CMP will perform one or more annual inspections of your roof, perform (or arrange  for) any necessary maintenance  (with your approval) to keep it watertight, and submit all necessary documentation to GAF. It’s that simple!


 How Does The WellRoof®  Guarantee Extension Work?*

Step 1 - Agree... with your GAF Certified Maintenance Professional that you would like to establish an annual inspection and preventative maintenance program.

Step 2 - Notify Your CMP... that you would like to sign up for the WellRoof®    Guarantee Extension.

Step 3 - Your CMP... will notify GAF of your participation.**

Step 4 - GAF Will Send You... acknowledgment of your guarantee extension.

Step 5 - Continue... having your CMP perform and document your annual inspections, and confirm  to GAF that needed repairs have been  made.

Note: If your annual inspections/ repairs are discontinued, your guarantee coverage will revert to its original duration.



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